ABOUT Service Learning Pro:



In order to effectively manage all community service and service learning activities at the University of Alabama, the Center for Service and Leadership and the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility implemented an impressive software technology called Service Learning Pro. The software provides a comprehensive web-based database through which all stakeholders in the service process-including community partners, students, and faculty and staff – can communicate and organize these important relationships.

Service Learning Pro enables community agencies to manage community service opportunities for UA students from inception to completion. Through SL Pro, community agencies can:


(1) Post detailed descriptions of both ongoing and short-term or one-time service projects available to students. Details can include minimum time commitment, days and times the project is available, orientation requirements, and various other helpful information for potential volunteers.


(2) Streamline the registration process through an online student registration system through which students can “sign up” to volunteer for your organization.


(3) Maintain an up-to-date roster of current student volunteers and track service hours for each student.


(4) Generate comprehensive service reports at the conclusion of a project.


(5) Maintain archived records of all past student volunteers, service projects offered, class partnerships, and cumulative volunteer hours of service.


Because the software allows for the management of curricular (service learning) as well as non-curricular (volunteer) projects, community partners are also able to post volunteer projects designed specifically for service learning courses, search for faculty members seeking partners, and contact potential faculty members to establish a course relationship.


Through the various modules that compose the system, faculty can maintain a listing of all current and past service learning courses. Students can track community participation across a course, the semester, or over their entire time at the University. Additionally, the CSL and CESR will be able to efficiently track all community service and service learning activities of the University and generate a variety of comprehensive reports with ease.






Tailored to meet individual student’s unique educational goals, service-learning provides opportunities for direct hands-on service to the community. Learning opportunities can be formal or informal and require students to reflect on activities and their impact.


Service-learning is the deliberate linkage of community service to academic study so that students, faculty and staff extend the teaching, research, and service mission of the University into the community.  It also promotes a sense of cooperation between the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa community. If you are interested in hosting a student who serves and actively reflects upon that service and are selected as a service site, you should be prepared to work directly with the faculty members responsible for teaching service-learning courses to provide them verification of completed tasks and performance evaluations.


The University of Alabama has many disciplines that include a service-learning component, some examples are as follows:





Commerce and Business Administration


Communicative Disorders

Human Environmental Sciences

Political Science


Computing and Applied Technology

Criminal Justice

Human Performance Studies


Behavioral and Community Medicine


Social Work

Communication and Information Sciences

Library and Information Sciences

New College

Honors College


English Language Institute




To access the slpro website, click here: http://slpro.ua.edu/
If you would like to register, click here: Create a Profile

For any additional help or information, please contact our office at: 205-348-2865 or contact Megan Bailey at megan.bailey@ua.edu.